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An open door to mental health care, around the clock.

Walk-In Mental Health for YOU and your LOVED ONES, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Avoid unnecessary emergency room visits by walking in and seeing a licensed mental health clinician immediately. On average, an appointment lasts only two hours from start to finish.


A skilled multi-disciplinary team assesses, stabilizes, and treats each individual until they are ready to be discharged or transitioned to an appropriately selected longer-term intense treatment program.


We not only prepare an individual for placement into a specialized care setting, but we also work to address many of the social determinants of care that may have exacerbated the mental health crisis from the start.    

Just walk right in ...
we are waiting for you!

Taking care of your mental health

Insurance Accepted

Insurance should not be a barrier to care.  Come in and we will get you covered.

Be seen quickly!

Your time is valuable.  Making mental health services easy and accessible is our goal.

Getting you Back to Living

Solving crisis and getting you back on track - on your terms. We want to get you back to living!

What are people saying?

Youth: Express, Crisis & Progressions
Adult: Express, Crisis & Progressions
Youth: Express, Crisis & Progressions
Adult: Express Progressions
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