Kids deserve the best care

It’s natural for parents to be concerned when their child is struggling. The mental health professionals at MIND 24-7 are specially trained in providing care to children and teens of all ages.

We’re available around the clock to help when a child is experiencing stress, depression or anxiety or if there are concerns about self-harm or suicide. Deciding where to take a child for care isn’t easy. The MIND 24-7 staff takes the time to guide families through the care process and explain each step along the way.

What to expect

Because every child’s needs are different, every family’s experience and care plan will look a little different. Here’s a general overview of what parents can expect when they bring their child to MIND 24-7.

Step 1

Check in

You will be greeted, and then you and your child will be shown to a private room.

Step 2

Meet with our team

We will listen while you and your child tell us about the concern that brought you in.

Step 3


We will determine how best to help your child—with crisis or express care.

Step 4

Get a care plan

This may include medication and a referral to a mental health provider in the community.

Step 5

Be on your way

Express patients can expect to be in and out in under two hours. Crisis patients are typically discharged in less than 24 hours.

When observation is needed

A child’s safety is our top priority. If our mental health professionals determine a child could be a threat to themselves or others, we may keep them in our clinic for observation. Such visits typically last less than 24 hours, and patients are provided with a safe place to sleep as well as meals and activities during their stay. Parents are able to talk with their child at any time, and our mental health professionals are available 24/7 to answer questions.

What to bring

  • Insurance card
  • Photo ID (adult patients and parents/guardians of pediatric patients)
  • Contact information for the patient’s primary care provider and mental/behavioral health provider
  • All current medications

If appropriate:

  • Guardian paperwork (Notice to Provider for DCS; current Superior Court or Juvenile Court guardianship orders)
  • Contact information for DCS case manager and supervisor

Caring staff

We understand how to care for children.

Be seen quickly

No one should have to wait for mental health care.

Stay in touch

Parents are able to talk with their child at any time.

What parents
are saying

They took such great care of my daughter. I will refer them to anyone who needs help in the future.

— Carly

This is a much needed crisis unit for child and adolescent care and the first of its kind in the country that meets the immediate needs of children in crisis.

— Monica

They made me feel very comfortable about the place and getting treatment for my daughter. Thank you guys. I really appreciate you.

— Heidi