You’re not alone

MIND 24-7’s Progressions program provides our patients with transitional treatment and support for up to 90 days. The program gives them the tools and skills to cope with future challenges in healthy ways.

In Progressions, our mental health professionals work with patients to address their needs with various interventions such as individual and group therapy sessions, medication, peer support and more. We also work closely with patients to identify any challenges they’re facing that may be affecting their mental health, such as housing or food insecurity, unemployment or abuse and connect them with community partners that can help.


We accept insurance, Medicare and AHCCCS.

Conveniently located

Serving the Valley with locations in Phoenix and Mesa.

Professional staff

Our accredited program employs only licensed providers.

What our patients are saying

They took such great care of my daughter. I will refer them to anyone who needs help in the future.

— Carly

I was treated with amazing respect, everyone was kind and helpful! It was a blessing to say the least. I would recommend it to anyone, anytime for mental health issues or someone to talk to.

— Chris

They made me feel very comfortable about the place and getting treatment for my daughter. Thank you guys. I really appreciate you.

— Heidi

If you’re needing mental help look no further. They can get you the help and guidance you need to get in a good place!

— Kelly

This is a much needed crisis unit for child and adolescent care and the first of its kind in the country that meets the immediate needs of children in crisis.

— Monica

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does MIND 24-7 offer?

MIND 24-7 is an open door to walk-in mental health services around the clock. We offer three levels of care: 

  • Walk-in Care for medication management and a mental health assessment to determine an appropriate response, including referrals for additional care
  • Emergent Care for assessment and stabilization for those experiencing a crisis or in need of more intense care until they are ready for discharge or transition
  • Progressions, our short-term outpatient program that bridges the gap until we can assist the patient with finding a long-term care provider
Does MIND 24-7 provide outpatient psychiatric services?

Yes. Our Progressions Program provides outpatient services focused on bridging the gap in mental health care so patients can avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital or emergency room. Progressions provides a continuum of services, ongoing counseling, case management and medication management.

What mental health conditions does MIND 24-7 treat?

MIND 24-7 provides all levels of behavioral health intervention to anyone experiencing a crisis. If a person needs assistance with determining whether they are experiencing a condition that we can help with, please call 844-646-3248.

What are treatment plans?

Treatment plans are a set of goals developed by a mental health professional along with the patient to help them better engage in the normal activities of daily living. Individualized treatment plans help lessen symptoms and maintain a safe environment. Treatment plans may include ongoing counseling and treatment with local providers or in the Progressions program.