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When someone is experiencing a mental health crisis, it’s important to get them expert psychiatric care so they can get the treatment they need as quickly as possible. MIND 24-7’s mental health professionals are licensed to evaluate and stabilize individuals in crisis who may be a danger to themselves or others or are experiencing psychosis.

We provide 24-hour urgent mental health care to adults and youth 365 days a year. Once we determine a patient is in need of crisis care and is stabilized, they will be admitted to our observation unit where they will have access to food, drinks, entertainment and loungers for sleeping. Our mental health professionals will provide them with a care plan and begin treatment, which may include medication, coping-skills development and peer counseling. From there, patients are either discharged home or transitioned to a more intense level of care—usually in less than 24 hours.

Prior to leaving MIND 24-7, our mental health professionals provide patients with clear instructions, which may include follow-up appointments, a medication plan and contacts for additional assistance.

All are welcome

Adults and youth.

Conveniently located

Serving the Valley with locations in Phoenix and Mesa.

Professional staff

Our accredited program employs only licensed providers.

What our patients are saying

They took such great care of my daughter. I will refer them to anyone who needs help in the future.

— Carly

I was treated with amazing respect, everyone was kind and helpful! It was a blessing to say the least. I would recommend it to anyone, anytime for mental health issues or someone to talk to.

— Chris

They made me feel very comfortable about the place and getting treatment for my daughter. Thank you guys. I really appreciate you.

— Heidi

If you’re needing mental help look no further. They can get you the help and guidance you need to get in a good place!

— Kelly

This is a much needed crisis unit for child and adolescent care and the first of its kind in the country that meets the immediate needs of children in crisis.

— Monica

Frequently Asked Questions

What is emergent care?

A skilled multi-disciplinary team that assesses, stabilizes and treats each individual until they are ready to be discharged or transitioned to an appropriately selected longer-term treatment program.

What mental health conditions does MIND 24-7 treat?

MIND 24-7 provides all levels of behavioral health intervention to anyone experiencing a crisis. If a person needs assistance with determining whether they are experiencing a condition that we can help with, please call 844-646-3248.

Is an appointment needed?

There’s no appointment necessary. Patients can walk into any of our locations 24 hours a day seven days a week for urgent mental health needs.

What can someone expect during an urgent mental health visit?

An urgent mental health visit should be like a visit to an urgent care center for a physical illness or injury. Immediately upon arrival, patients will be assessed by one of our mental health professionals to determine the level of care they need. We make it a priority to see patients as soon as possible when they arrive at a MIND 24-7 clinic.

Our aim is to provide an immediate assessment by one of our mental health professionals, who will spend time with the patient to thoughtfully assess their individual situation, observe them, ensure they are stabilized and develop a treatment plan. The treatment plan could include therapy, medication, a referral to a long-term provider or stabilization by our emergent care team.

How long will a patient have to stay?

Each patient’s course of treatment will vary. Most people who come to MIND 24-7 are placed in our express care path and are in and out in about two hours. Patients in crisis may need to stay longer until they are stabilized or a follow-up treatment plan is determined. A mental health professional will discuss each patient’s specific course of treatment with them.

Will patients be kept overnight?

When a patient walks into a MIND 24-7 clinic, they’ll meet with a mental health professional who will assess their needs and create a personalized treatment plan. Based on symptoms and mental health history, the provider may recommend that the patient remain at the clinic overnight to monitor their condition and determine the most appropriate next steps. Any treatment plan will be discussed with the patient and their loved one(s).