Do I need an appointment?

There’s no appointment necessary. Patients can walk into any of our locations 24 hours a day seven days a week for urgent mental health needs.

What services does MIND 24-7 offer?

MIND 24-7 is an open door to walk-in mental health services around the clock. We offer three levels of care:

  • Express Care for medication management and a mental health assessment to determine an appropriate response, including referrals for additional care
  • Crisis Care for assessment and stabilization for those experiencing a crisis or in need of more intense care until they are ready for discharge or transition
  • Progressions, our short-term outpatient program that bridges the gap until we can assist the patient with finding a long-term care provider
Does MIND 24-7 provide outpatient psychiatric services?

Yes. Our Progressions Program provides outpatient services focused on bridging the gap in mental health care so patients can avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital or emergency room. Progressions provides a continuum of services, therapy, case management and medication management.

What mental conditions does MIND 24-7 treat?

MIND 24-7 provides all levels of behavioral health intervention to anyone experiencing a crisis. If a person needs assistance with determining whether they are experiencing a condition that we can help with, please call 844-646-3247.

How does someone know when it’s time to seek help?

Signs that a person should seek urgent help for mental health include:

  • Feeling worried, sad, down, angry, anxious, depressed, numb or not feeling like oneself
  • Extreme or rapid mood changes
  • The way a person is feeling is affecting their ability to cope with work or school or in their relationships
  • Violent, high-risk behaviors or self-harm
  • Visual and auditory hallucinations, delusion, mania or other signs of psychosis and paranoia
  • Thinking about suicide
What is crisis care?

A skilled multi-disciplinary team that assesses, stabilizes and treats each individual until they are ready to be discharged or transitioned to an appropriately selected longer-term intense treatment program.

What are treatment plans?

Treatment plans are a set of goals developed by a mental health professional along with the patient to help them better engage in the normal activities of daily living. Individualized treatment plans help lessen symptoms and maintain a safe environment.

Does MIND 24-7 provide transportation to your clinics?

MIND 24-7 does not provide transportation. However, we can help arrange transportation for those who need care to the nearest MIND 24-7 location that provides the appropriate level of care.

Can MIND 24-7 refill my prescriptions?

Yes, one of the services our mental health professionals offer is refilling prescriptions, adjusting dosages for existing medication prescriptions, as well as writing prescriptions for new medications if warranted.

How many days’ worth of medication will I get?

Our mental health providers can bridge medication for up to 14 days.

What to expect

What can someone expect during an urgent mental health visit?

An urgent mental health visit should be like a visit to an urgent care center for a physical illness or injury. Immediately upon arrival, patients will be assessed by one of our mental health professionals to determine the level of care they need. Patients typically are seen within 15 to 20 minutes of arriving at a MIND 24-7 clinic.

Our aim is to provide an immediate assessment by one of our mental health professionals, who will spend time with the patient to thoughtfully assess their individual situation, observe them, ensure they are stabilized and develop a treatment plan. The treatment plan could include therapy, medication, a referral to a long-term provider or stabilization by our crisis care team.

Will patients be kept overnight?

When a patient walks into a MIND 24-7 clinic, they’ll meet with a mental health professional who will assess their needs and create a personalized treatment plan. Based on symptoms and mental health history, the provider may recommend that the patient remain at the clinic overnight to monitor their condition and determine the most appropriate next steps. Any treatment plan will be discussed with the patient and their loved one(s).

What should I bring with me to a MIND 24-7 visit?

Patients should bring a photo ID and insurance card if they have one. Don’t bring food or personal belongings.

Is there a specific number to call to speak with a family member who is being treated at a MIND 24-7 clinic?

Patients’ loved ones can speak with them by calling the Customer Experience team at 844-646-3247. After a few questions, they will get the person to the appropriate location and put them in touch with the MIND 24-7 clinic where their family member is being treated.

How quickly will a person be seen or assessed?

Most walk-in patients at MIND 24-7 will be seen within 15 minutes. If we are unusually busy, the wait time could be a little longer.

How long will a patient have to stay?

Each patient’s course of treatment will vary. Most people who come to MIND 24-7 are placed in our express care path and are in and out in about two hours. Patients in crisis may need to stay longer until they are stabilized or a follow-up treatment plan is determined. A mental health professional will discuss each patient’s specific course of treatment with them.

How can some stay updated on the progress of their loved ones?

When a patient is being seen by one of our mental health professionals, one of our clinic navigators will call their family member, friend or whomever the patient has designated daily with an update on their condition and progress.

Billing & insurance

I don’t have insurance. Can I still get treatment at a MIND 24-7 location?

Absolutely. Patients without insurance can get help by applying for AHCCCS or Medicaid coverage. There are also grants available that may cover any outstanding costs.

What insurance does MIND 24-7 accept?

MIND 24-7 accepts all health plans, including Medicaid, Medicare and most commercial health insurance plans. Patients without insurance can get help by applying for AHCCCS or Medicaid coverage. There are also grants available that may cover any outstanding costs.

What if I receive a bill?

Please reach out to our Revenue Management team at


What does the facility look like?

MIND 24-7 facilities are newly renovated with a modern, pleasant and warm ambience. While under observation patients have a comfortable private recliner in which to relax.

Why are there separate entrances for children and adults?

Providing separate entrances for our youth and adult walk-in mental health patients helps enhance both safety and comfort.

Why does the facility only have chairs/recliners?

MIND 24-7 clinics have recliners rather than beds. That’s because our goal is to get patients back home the same day rather than admitting them. For patients who do need to stay overnight for observation and stabilization, our recliners provide a comfortable place to relax and rest.

Can I smoke in a MIND 24-7 clinic?

All MIND 24-7 locations are non-smoking facilities for the health of our employees and patients.


Can family and friends visit?

We’re sorry, but while patients are receiving care, we want them to focus on getting better. A friend, family member or loved one is welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting room while patients meet with a mental health professional.

Will a person be able to communicate with their loved ones who are being treated?

Yes, patients can call loved ones or talk with family or friends who are in the waiting area.

Can a patient bring food or personal belongings to the clinic?

We ask that patients and visitors not bring their own food or extra personal belongings. If a patient needs to be with us for a while, we will provide snacks and drinks for them and their waiting loved ones.


Does MIND 24-7 provide urgent mental health care for children?

We provide 24-hour urgent mental health care for children as young as 5 years old with a parent or guardian’s consent.

How long is the wait before my child is seen?

Most patients who come to MIND 24-7 for our walk-in mental health services will be seen within 15 minutes. If we are unusually busy, the wait time could be a little longer.

Can I talk to my child while they’re being seen by a mental health provider?

Yes, we want to make sure children feel safe and comfortable during their care. If a parent or guardian would like to be in the room with them while they’re meeting with one of our mental health providers, we welcome that.

Do I need to come in with my teenager?

Yes, if a child is under age 18, a parent or guardian should accompany them to the clinic. If a parent or guardian is unavailable, there is an option for electronic consent.

Can loved ones visit patients who are admitted for crisis care?

Currently, we do not allow face-to-face visits with patients while they are in crisis care at our facility.