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The story behind MIND 24-7

The MIND 24-7 story began with three highly-respected and innovative executives within the value-based healthcare space who saw a healthcare challenge that desperately needed to be addressed, and currently didn’t have a solution. 

The focus on the importance of mental health was quickly on the rise and was becoming a significant lever when solving for better patient outcomes. 

As primary care providers began to adopt new models of value-based care delivery, they often found themselves with no good support system or an accessible referral partner when their patients needed mental health support.  Without other options available, the majority of their patients found themselves being referred to the ER - a solution that contradicts the very concept of keeping people healthy and getting them back to living their life. 

The three of them agreed that the need for a new "front door" to mental health was now and MIND 24-7 is the result. 

Meet our Founders

Adrienne Opalka

Chief Administrative Officer

Jeff Spight, MIND 24-7 Co-Founder & CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Nicole Bradberry

Executive Board Member

MIND 24-7 provides a better CHOICE
Convenient.  Accessible.  Effective.

Psych Crisis Care

We bring you innovative clinical processes and workflows that focus on the patient experience and high quality care.  In addition, social determinants of care are part of every discharge process. 


The leadership team is filled with value-based care experts with experience in behavioral health and population health businesses. 


The MINDtech Platform leverages powerful data sets to drive workflow and referrals to ensure the best possible patient experience with optimal outcomes.

The need for accessible real-time mental health care has never been greater.  

In the U.S alone, 43.8 million adults experience mental illness each year and 13.8 million adults report an unmet need for mental health treatment.  


With the growing market for mental health services, MIND 24-7 utilizes innovations in value-based care models to address these needs and dramatically expand access to care. This model not only enhances patient care and outcomes, but it reduces pressure on the system, reducing costly emergency room visits, in-patient treatment, and readmissions for crisis care.

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