The importance of 24-hour urgent mental health care options

The MIND 24-7 Team | October 13, 2023

Too often, people have to wait days, weeks or months for mental health care. The delay in care can make symptoms worse, raise public safety risks, and make symptoms more difficult and time-consuming to treat. Fortunately, there is another option: 24/7/365 urgent mental health care. That means the clinic never closes—not even for a holiday. Urgent mental health care centers play a critical role in helping people recover from mental health challenges, largely due to their unlimited hours of operation. In this guide, we explain why urgent mental health care centers should be open at all times of the day compared to other facilities that may only be open during certain hours. 

Mental health crises can be unpredictable

Just like physical health emergencies, mental health crises don’t always happen during regular business hours. It is nearly impossible to know when a mental health crisis might arise. If and when a crisis unfolds, it is crucial to be able to receive help right away. 

Immediate attention may be required

Sometimes mental health care cannot wait. There are many circumstances when immediate mental health help is required. This may include having a prescription refilled, getting help in a crisis or even just needing to talk to someone so symptoms do not increase. 

Prevent waiting, which can delay support and worsen symptoms 

In some cases, waiting for help can increase or add to a person’s mental health symptoms. If support is delayed and symptoms worsen, it can be even more difficult to get treatment. Or, in some cases, the required treatment may be more intensive. For best results, timely intervention is crucial. 

Promote continuity of care

People who are receiving ongoing care can benefit from 24/7 help during a crisis so their treatment is not disrupted. When treatment is uninterrupted, care coordination is easier and providers can collaborate to continue the healing journey. Plus, continuity helps a person maintain momentum in their  recovery efforts. 

Avoid overcrowding Emergency Departments (EDs)

Without 24/7/365 mental health care, individuals who need urgent support may go to an emergency department for help. This can lead to overcrowding in EDs, delaying care for those with medical emergencies. At a 24-7 mental health crisis center, patients can receive highly specialized care, and the burden on hospital resources is reduced. 

Reduce stigmas

Around-the-clock urgent mental health care normalizes the availability of support. It also encourages more people to seek help confidently and comfortably. This helps reduce the stigma attached to mental health diagnoses making it easier for people to seek treatment. 

Promote early intervention

Early intervention is key to the smooth and successful treatment of mental health challenges. One of the most significant limiting factors to early intervention is limited care availability. 24/7/365 urgent mental health care encourages people to seek help at the first sign of symptoms. This can lead to more effective and efficient treatment outcomes. 

Improve public safety

If a person has to wait for regular business hours for a clinic to open, symptoms can intensify. That can raise the risk of dangerous situations. Addressing mental health issues promptly can prevent crises from escalating into situations that require law enforcement or emergency response teams. 

24-hour urgent mental health care with MIND 24-7

At MIND 24-7, we understand that mental health problems can’t wait four to six weeks to be treated. At the same time, we recognize that most patients don’t want to seek emergency care for their mental health challenges. That’s why we’re here when patients need us—24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

At MIND 24-7, we are committed to making it easier to access high-quality mental health care. Through Express care, we offer walk-in mental health services for patients who want to see a certified professional and quickly be on their way. Through Progressions, we provide ongoing individual and group counseling and peer support for patients for up to 90 days. We also provide walk-in, emergency Crisis care for children and adults. 

Our mental health care services include physical and psychiatric evaluation, medication review and refill, care planning, referrals and lab services (when needed). Importantly, our mental health professionals are licensed to evaluate and stabilize individuals in crisis who may be a danger to themselves or others or who are experiencing psychosis.