Maternal Health Equity

The MIND 24-7 Team | April 6, 2023

Teaming up to Fight for Maternal Health Equity

Compared with other developed nations, the U.S. has higher rates of depression and suicide, more cost-related barriers to care and the highest rates of mental health needs overall. The U.S. also is among the most dangerous developed nations for childbirth—particularly for women of color. By fighting for—and helping fund—maternal health equity, the March of Dimes is helping address this crisis.

Why We March for Babies

MIND 24-7 is proud to participate in the Greater Arizona March for Babies in April 2023 to support March of Dimes’ work. One of the organization’s goals is to dismantle racism and address unequal treatment by working to increase access to high-quality affordable health care. The group also is focused on strengthening economic security and building safe, connected communities while promoting environmental justice. A few of the March of Dimes’ health equity efforts at the national and local levels include:

  • Equipping health professionals with the tools to mitigate bias and stigma and reduce disparities in health care settings
  • Leading changes in policy, research and funding to address inequities in maternal and infant health
  • Helping hospitals collect accurate patient-reported race and ethnicity data and implement patient-centered respectful communication practices

Research Center for Advancing Maternal Health Equity

In January 2023, March of Dimes announced the launch of the March of Dimes Research Center for Advancing Maternal Health Equity, based at the University of Pennsylvania. The center will address longstanding racial disparities that contribute to the nation’s high rate of maternal and infant death, particularly among Black and American Indian/Alaskan Native families.

Addressing these health care inequities for pregnant women, new moms and babies will help provide the best possible start for all families. March of Dimes services not only help ensure that they get high-quality care, they reduce stress and provide ongoing support for families when they need it most.

Greater Arizona March for Babies

Please join MIND 24-7 and our CEO Jeff Spight, who is serving as the chairperson for this year’s walk at the 2023 Greater Arizona March for Babies on April 30. Join our team today and start fundraising to help moms and babies everywhere!