MIND 24-7 Team Spotlights – April 2022

Kristi R. Stovall | April 30, 2022

As a team of innovators with a mission to transform the delivery of behavioral health care, our MIND 24-7 team changes the lives of people struggling with their mental health every day. Each month our leadership team recognizes recent efforts to go above and beyond to make a difference by members of our team, and has selected the following individuals for April’s MIND 24-7 TEAM SPOTLIGHT to be celebrated company-wide and showcased on all our social platforms. CONGRATULATIONS LORALYE, COURTNEY & WALLACE!

Let’s take a minute and get to know them a little better …


“Loralye consistently goes above and beyond with the youth patients, especially the very young ones. She gets on the floor and plays games with them and makes them feel safe/reduces their anxiety.”

Rebecca Reza

What does working for MIND 24-7 mean to you?

It means the world to me to help the children. I want to make a difference in their lives. Working at Mind 24-7 gives me this opportunity. This job gives me a purpose, which is a wonderful thing. I can understand and relate to the children, which is why they relate to me. I love these children; they help me as much as I help them. When I go home at night I pray that I made a difference. This is what it’s all about and why I love Mind 24-7.

What inspires you to wake up and come to work every day?

What inspires me is being there for the children, listening to their stories, and making a connection with them. I have some of the same experiences that they do, such as self-harm, when I was a child, as well as an adult. I truly want them to know that I have been there and empathize with their situation. I not only understand what they are going through, but I truly care. It is my life’s goal to help people and pay it forward. It is truly rewarding to interact with the children, playing games, having conversations, and just relating with each other. All I can say is I love it!

Tell us something interesting about yourself that not many people know.

I was born in Tennessee on a Naval Base. Right after I was born, we moved to Colorado, as my Dad was no longer in the Navy. However, my family had “ants in their pants” and we moved “7” times while in grade school (so I had to change schools 7 times). That wasn’t easy, but I able to experience a lot of places, mainly in the midwest.

COURTNEY SMITH – Compliance and Quality

“Courtney is a true professional who understands ‘all hands on deck’ and does whatever it takes to get the job done! Her focus, dedication, and organizational skills are beyond appreciated!”

Angela Pon

What does working for MIND 24-7 mean to you?

I have experienced firsthand how untreated mental health can affect an individual’s life as well as their family and everyone else around them. I lost the love of my life to suicide 5 years ago and it destroyed me and everything that I knew. I don’t ever want anyone to have to feel the pain that he felt before he made his decision to die and I don’t ever want a family member to feel the way that I felt when we lost him. Working for MIND 24-7 means that I have the opportunity to help individuals and families from experiencing that type of pain.

What inspires you to wake up and come to work every day?

Knowing that what I do in this job can literally save a person’s life.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that not many people know.

My mom told me to say “my mom thinks I’m the greatest, smartest, bravest and most beautiful girl ever”. Thanks Mom! But pretty sure all moms say that about their kids. 🙂 But seriously……. something interesting about me is that my wonderful children have turned our home into an animal rescue space where we currently house 2 chickens, a golden pheasant, a massively huge African Spurred Tortoise named Henry, 2 cats, 2 dogs and an innumerable amount of snails.

WALLACE CLARK – Social Services Lead Patient Navigator

“I have witnessed Wallace work with patients who are anxious and nervous about crisis grasp support and a better understanding of what services we provide. Wallace has navigated family conflicts with a patient center approach. His clean concise documentation and level of clinical education allows inner and outer communication to be built.”

Ashley Yelm

What does working for MIND 24-7 mean to you?

Working for MIND 24-7 has impacted me significantly in the pursuit of life-long career goals of no matter what the service that is needed the approach I feel is inclusive to a holistic approach. Furthermore, I have gained experience and a drive in this area of work, working with diverse populations. Working for MIND 24-7 for me addresses organizational socialization structures that has enabled me to develop positive rapport for members in service to foster relationships in the community. Furthermore, I have gained experience effectively executing the MIND 24-7 mission of the socialization process to positively impact programs offered by MIND 24-7 which address and provide mental health services to the entry or reentry for members and non-members.

What inspires you to wake up and come to work every day?

For me, what inspires me to wake up and come to work every day is the commitment to our communities that is served to reduce recidivism by effectively executing the mission to positively impact a change for access to services.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that not many people know.

I love giving back to my community in whatever form that may take which I also try to lead with my credo of giving more than I take and taking less than I need. I am a foodie at heart and self-proclaimed home master chef 👩‍🍳.

Do you know a team member who has gone above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of our patients, their families, or our fellow team members? Please click HERE and complete the form below to nominate the team member(s). Once a month we will select someone for the MIND 24-7 TEAM MEMBER SPOTLIGHT.