What to do after a psychiatric urgent care visit

The MIND 24-7 Team | September 19, 2023

Going to a psychiatric urgent care visit is a positive step for mental health. It’s important to receive proper treatment and get the green light to return home. After discharge, the care does not stop. Patients must take specific steps after an urgent psychiatric care visit to maintain well-being. This guide highlights recommended activities after an urgent psychiatric care visit. 

Follow the treatment plan

During discharge, patients are given a treatment plan outlining the care needed after leaving the clinic. Treatment plans vary widely but commonly include medication instructions, referrals for therapy, coping skill descriptions and self-care recommendations. As a recovery roadmap, the treatment plan helps patients stay on the path toward healing. 

Take medication as prescribed

Under certain circumstances, medication is integral to maintaining mental health. If medication is prescribed during the visit, it is crucial to fill the prescription and follow the instructions for dosage and timing. Take note of any potential side effects, and, if any concerns arise, contact the pharmacist or psychiatrist. 

Communicate with a primary care provider

A primary care provider can help patients coordinate care over a lifetime. If a person has a primary care physician, it is important to keep them updated about health care needs and treatment. Reach out to the primary care provider to let them know about the urgent psychiatric care visit, the treatment received, medications prescribed and care recommendations. 

Apply advice to everyday life

Patients learn coping skills and strategies to improve everyday life in urgent psychiatric care visits. To continue to heal and grow, patients can practice the skills and apply the advice to everyday life. If more support is needed to integrate the skills and advice fully into daily life, ongoing therapy is available. 

Take it easy

While we strive to make the experience as pleasant as possible, no one goes to an urgent psychiatric care center to have fun. Typically, stressful events or ongoing mental health care needs prompt visits. After discharge, it is important to relax and practice self-care. Take it easy and spend time doing relaxing activities. 

Get some sleep

Sleep recharges the brain and improves mental well-being. A lack of sleep makes it more difficult to cope with stress, manage emotions and perceive the world accurately. After an urgent psychiatric care visit, sleeping well will help the brain begin to recover from stress. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and Sleep Research Society (SRS) recommends at least seven hours of sleep per night for adults to avoid the risks of chronic sleep deprivation, with no cap on the maximum number of hours of sleep. 

Move your body 

Exercise is necessary and beneficial for mental health. For example, research shows that exercise is an effective treatment for many people living with depression. Even just five minutes per day of walking or gentle movement can help. After an urgent psychiatric care visit, find ways to move your body every day. Do some stretches, go for a walk or hike, hit the gym or play sports with friends. 

Eat nutritious food 

Nutritious food is fuel for the body, brain and soul. Humans need vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to cope, recover and heal. After an urgent psychiatric care visit, eating food that will nourish and power well-being is particularly important. 

Spend time with friends and family 

Social isolation is a leading contributor to mental health issues, including depression. After an urgent psychiatric care visit, it’s essential to find connection and community. Socialize with a support network, friends, family or anyone who brings understanding, joy and hope. 

Monitor symptoms

After an urgent psychiatric care visit, pay attention to changes in symptoms. Reach out if symptoms worsen or new concerns arise.

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