Press Release: Three Facilities Opening in Phoenix Area

Kristi R. Stovall | December 15, 2021

MIND 24-7 Announces the Opening of Three Express Mental Health Facilities in the Phoenix Area

With one already open and accepting patients, two additional mental health facilities will quickly follow by early 2022.

(Scottsdale, AZ, December 15, 2021) Scottsdale-based MIND 24-7, an emerging leader in immediate-access behavioral health services, announced that it will have three locations operating in the Phoenix area by early 2022. With an initial focus on pediatric mental health, these first three facilities will create over 280 new jobs in the area, including over 30 Behavioral Health Medical Providers such as Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. Beyond the nearly 60,000 square feet of the Phoenix facilities, the company expects exponential growth over the next three years in not just Arizona but around the country.

MIND 24-7’s initial facility is now open on 24th Street and Thomas Road in Phoenix, providing both express and crisis mental health care for the area’s youth. By early 2022, MIND 24-7 plans to open a facility at Higley Road and Southern Avenue in Mesa, providing express and crisis services for both youth and adult, in addition to a progressions care program. That opening will be followed by a location at Metrocenter, focused initially on youth express & crisis mental health care, and eventually will add adult services as well. All MIND 24-7 facilities are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round, aiming to address the urgent need for immediate access to mental health care, with the ability to serve over 100 patients at a time between the three facilities.

“Since we’ve opened our flagship location at 24th and Thomas, we have seen the true, real time need for accessible mental healthcare, with new patients arriving daily,” said Jeff Spight, MIND 24-7’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our centers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will accept and help every single person who comes through the door no matter what health coverage they have, their level of clinical need, their age or their socio-economic status. Our goal is to address this critical gap in our healthcare delivery system.”

MIND 24-7 is fundamentally changing the landscape of accessible mental health services. With extensive experience in behavioral health and population health businesses, value-based healthcare leaders and co-founders Jeff Spight, CEO, Nicole Bradberry, Chief Innovation Officer, and Adrienne Opalka, Chief of Operations, have teamed up to bring deep experience and a uniquely patient-centered perspective to accessible mental healthcare.

MIND 24-7 patients receive services through three levels of patient care:

  • EXPRESS CARE prevents unnecessary emergency room visits by allowing patients to walk in and see a licensed mental health clinician immediately. On average, an appointment lasts two hours from start to finish.
  • CRISIS CARE reduces the need for suboptimal inpatient health admissions by serving those patients in real crisis. Patients are cared for by a skilled multi-disciplinary team that will assess, stabilize and treat them until they are ready to be discharged or transitioned to an appropriately selected longer-term intense treatment program.
  • PROGRESSIONS CARE will reduce readmissions with a program that dually focuses on the interim mental health needs before placement into a specialized care setting, as well as solving many of the social determinants of care that exacerbate many of the drivers of a mental health crisis.

MIND 24-7 aggressively has dates to open the doors of its second and third service center in early 2022, with plans to quickly expand across the United States.

“We are committed to serving the community when and where they need it,” said Bradberry. “Getting help should be convenient, easy and focused on what the patient needs. We believe that every corner of America should have a MIND 24-7 center to serve that community.”


MIND 24-7 is fundamentally changing the landscape of accessible behavioral health by offering walk-in crisis mental health and substance abuse services such as Psych Express Care, Psych Crisis Care, and Psych Progressions. MIND 24-7 fills the gap for those seeking help by being available right when they need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using innovations in value-based care models to improve and expand access to care, Mind 24-7 not only enhances quality patient care, but reduces pressure on the system, reducing costly emergency room visits, in-patient treatment, and readmissions for crisis care. To learn more, go to

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